P and C

The Ashburton Drive Primary School P&C Association is a small but active organisation within our school community. We aim to promote the interests of the school and its students through cooperation between students, teachers and parents. The P&C is an officially recognised forum where parents can learn about the schools policies and programs; provides the opportunity for parents to assist in the provision of resources for the school and encourage positive attitudes and uphold the school values with students and the wider community.


All P&C Members are volunteers and donate their time for the benefit of the students and school. You are encouraged to ask questions and seek information on any aspect of the P&C. One of the ways you can find out more is to attend a meeting. If you wish to have a say and a vote on matters, become a Member. Current annual membership to ADPS P&C is $1.00 (you don’t have to be a member to help!) The P&C meets at least twice a term, with the meetings held in the staffroom commencing at 6pm. Dates for the meetings will be posted on the P&C Facebook page and in the school newsletter. You can stay up to date with P&C events including meetings through the school newsletter and/or by joining our Facebook page.


Fundraising is a very important part of the P&C. Without this, the P&C would not be able to function. In the past the P&C has purchased the smart board in the library, contributed to the leasing of the school computers, the school Chaplain, Sports Carnival, the perimeter fence and Dance Till You Drop for all students. We host a number of different fundraisers throughout the year including Easter raffle, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day stall, sausage sizzle at the Athletics carnival, school disco and more. We are only able to run these events with the help of our wonderful parents who donate prizes or volunteer their time.
Please let us know if you can help too!