Classroom Music

The school’s progressive music program ensures that children are given the opportunity to sing, learn to read music, and play instruments.  Students learn to play a variety of instruments such as xylophones, metallophones, boom-whackers, ukuleles, djembe drums and a variety of percussion instruments.

Students also learn performance etiquette and are given a variety of opportunities to perform for different audiences within the class and at assemblies.

School Choir

The school choir comprises of students in year 5 and 6 who rehearse once a week.  The choir performs several times a year at assemblies and special events, like NAIDOC, ANZAC Day & Graduation.  The choir has been on many performance excursions and look forward to these each year.

Instrument Program

The Department of Education’s instrumental music school services over 400 primary and secondary Western Australian public schools.

The students of Ashburton Drive PS are lucky to be in the program that provides consultancy, instrumental instruction and ensemble direction, staffing allocation and management, an instrumental loan, maintenance and repair service, a resource centre and varied enrichment activities for students.

The instruments offered to students are:

  • Classical Guitar (year 5 & 6)
  • Trumpet and (year 5 in 2020 & both years 5 & 6 from 2021)
  • Trombone (year 5 in 2020 & both years 5 & 6 from 2021)

The lessons are conducted for 30 minutes once a week and are aimed at students who have a keen interest on learning a musical instrument.  Students are selected based on their performance on an aptitude test and their willingness to commit to the program for it’s full duration.


DRUMBEAT has been a very successful program facilitated at ADPS for many years.  The name DRUMBEAT is an acronym for Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes, and Thoughts.

Each term ten selected students from year 6 participate in the program which is conducted once a week.  Some of these students perform at graduation in term 4.

Music Incursions

A music incursion is planned annually for the school in order to expose students to musicians from different parts of the country and world in order to inspire and educate students in a specific genre of music.  The incursions are often integrated with different learning areas like Italian and Science.

Puppets and Clowns

Puppets and Clowns is a special program offered to students who are interested in the dramatic arts.  Students from year 4 & 5 are selected by a process of auditions at the beginning of each year and lessons are conducted once a week to teach students the art of puppetry and clowning.

Students perform each term during school assemblies to enhance the school values and expectations and look forward to the assembly which they host and excursions.

 High Schools

At ADPS there is much liaison with our local high school Southern River College and many of our students are accepted into their Inspire Music Program and also other high school Music Programs.