LANGUAGES (Italian) 


Italian is taught from Years 1 to 4, and is reported under the “Communicating and Understanding” strands. As a Latin -based language, it has many commonalities and connections with English which assist students with literacy and numeracy development.

Students participate in a wide range of listening/oral, reading and writing activities. The language is taught through games, storytelling, music, movement, role play, use of puppets, art and digital media.

Students learn about the geography of Italy and important landmarks. The cultural festivals, such as the Carnevale of masks, Pasqua (Easter) and Natale (Christmas) add to the country’s richness.

Cultural events at a school level include a bilingual assembly; incursion with music or HASS; and Italian cooking activities.

The learning of Italian and its culture is integrated across other learning areas and to complement school- based initiatives, such as the sustainability (gardening project), NAIDOC Week and Anti-Poverty Day